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To learn more about the GOV.UK Design System and Prototype Kit, check out these blog posts, video talks and podcasts that our team and community have shared.

About the Design System

Find out how the Design System and Prototype Kit work and what they do to make services more accessible and inclusive.

Making the GOV.UK Frontend typography scale more accessible (blog) — 12 December 2022

How we prioritise additions to the GOV.UK Design System (blog) — 7 September 2022

The GOV.UK Design System is now live (blog) - 31 March 2022

Help us shape the GOV.UK Design System (blog) - 23 February 2022

Letting users tick a ‘none’ checkbox (blog) - 15 November 2021

An update on the accessibility of conditionally revealed questions (blog) - 21 September 2021

Making links easier to see and read on GOV.UK (blog) - 7 July 2021

Designing the service behind the GOV.UK Design System (video) - 9 January 2020

Inclusive Documentation (video) - 4 October 2019

Making the Design System more accessible (blog) - 29 July 2019

Inclusive forms, Anatomy of a (fictional) GOV.UK service (video) - 26 February 2019

Accessibility in the GOV.UK Design System (blog and video) - 30 November 2018

Introducing the GOV.UK Design System (blog) - 22 June 2018

Building Accessible Components and the GOV.UK Design System (video) - 11 June 2018

We’ve updated the radios and checkboxes on GOV.UK (blog) - 30 November 2016

Benefits of the Design System

See how the Design System helps service teams across government.

GDS Podcast, GOV.UK Design System (podcast) - 28 February 2020

Measuring the value of the GOV.UK Design System (video) - 5 February 2020

How the GOV.UK Design System can work alongside other government design resources (blog) - 14 February 2019

The benefits of migrating GOV.UK Pay’s codebase to the GOV.UK Design System (blog) - 21 December 2018

How to use the Design System

Get some practical advice on how to use the Design System and Prototype Kit.

Going beyond the GOV.UK Design System for MoJ Forms professional users (blog) - 21 March 2022

Building digital services that work for everyone (video) - 21 May 2020

Adapting the GOV.UK Design System for the NHS (blog) - 4 June 2019

How we document components and patterns in the GOV.UK Design System (blog) - 5 November 2018

We’ve updated the prototype kit (blog) - 18 January 2016

Contributing to the community

Find out how our community works and how to be a part of it.

Why I contribute to the GOV.UK Design System (and why you should too) (blog) - 7 April 2022

GDS Podcast, Maps in services (podcast) - 30 November 2021

Building the Community Behind GOV.UK Design System (video) - March 2020

Contributing the bank details pattern to the GOV.UK Design System - 23 October 2019

Opening up the GOV.UK Design System for contributions (blog) - 26 September 2018

Looking at design systems across government (blog) - 21 December 2016

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Need help?

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