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  • Accordion
  • Back link — also known as return link or back button
  • Breadcrumbs — also known as navigation path or cookie crumb
  • Button
  • Character count — also known as word count
  • Checkboxes — also known as check boxes, tickboxes or tick boxes
  • Cookie banner — also known as cookies banner, consent banner, gdpr banner, tracking banner or analytics banner
  • Date input
  • Details — also known as reveal, progressive disclosure, hidden text, show and hide or showyhideything
  • Error message — also known as validation message
  • Error summary
  • Fieldset
  • File upload
  • Footer — also known as privacy notice, accessibility statement or terms and conditions
  • Header
  • Inset text — also known as highlighted text or callout
  • Notification banner — also known as alert, warning, success message, important message or flash message
  • Pagination
  • Panel — also known as confirmation box, results box, reference number, application complete or application number
  • Phase banner — also known as alpha banner, beta banner, prototype banner, status banner or feedback banner
  • Radios — also known as radio buttons or option buttons
  • Select — also known as drop down menu, list box, drop down list, combo box or pop-up menu
  • Skip link — also known as skip navigation link
  • Summary list
  • Table
  • Tabs
  • Tag — also known as chip, badge, flag or token
  • Text input — also known as text box, text field, input field or text entry box
  • Textarea — also known as multi-line text box or multi-line text field
  • Warning text — also known as important text or legal text


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