What we’re working on

Upcoming components and patterns

These are the components and patterns we’re working on right now, and the ones we plan to work on next.

We regularly ask our community to help us decide the things we need to work on the most. Read a blog post about how we prioritise new additions to the Design System.

To get a wider look at our work and see what we released recently, see our Roadmap.

Working on now

If you’d like to help us build these components and patterns, join the conversation to see what needs to be done to publish.

A community collaboration to develop guidance on designing accessible maps.
Join the Maps Slack group
Exploration into different kinds of navigation, for example sub-navigation and side navigation.
Discuss Navigation

Next priorities

We particularly welcome input on the following themes. To contribute, you can add designs, code or research findings to the discussion on GitHub.

Input fields that suggest possible answers as users are typing.
Discuss Autocomplete
Choosing a date
Looking into the use cases for date pickers and whether they’re a good idea.
Discuss Choosing a date

When we start new work, we’ll choose from this list of priorities first.

Other components and patterns

Browse our list of discussions on GitHub to find patterns and components that other teams have shared. Any examples, use cases and research you can share would be very valuable for other teams in government looking for guidance or inspiration.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can propose a component or pattern.

If you’d like to contribute a component or pattern that isn’t in the list of priorities, contact the Design System team.

Need help?

If you’ve got a question about the GOV.UK Design System, contact the team.