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Join us for Design System Day

A series of events throughout 2024

Design System Day is the GOV.UK Design System’s flagship event!

It’s an opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge about design systems with like-minded people, covering topics like accessibility, community and decision-making. It’s a space for anyone using design systems in government to share ideas and developments, learn from colleagues, and spark conversations on related topics.

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Day 1 event

The first event this year will be on 21 May 2024. It will be a free, online event hosted on Zoom.


The GOV.UK Design System in 5 years
Trang Erskine, Charlotte Downs and Romaric Pascal, GOV.UK Design System

A show & tell exploring the history of the GOV.UK Design System, and our focus for the next few years.

Leading the system
Daniel Fontaneda, Bumble

A show and tell delving into the principles and actions that contribute to the success of a design system.

Using the GOV.UK Prototype Kit (intermediate level)
Vicky Teinaki, Student Loans Company

A workshop in how to design, code and optimise prototypes using the GOV.UK Prototype Kit.

Who designs the designers?
Gordon Guthrie, Scottish Government

A show and tell examining how to apply system design principles to the system of government.


Tickets for this event have now sold out. However you can join the waitlist by registering on Eventbrite here.

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About the GOV.UK Design System community

The GOV.UK Design System relies on a strong cross-government community to make sure it represents the latest research, design, and development work used in digital services.

To bring our community together, the GOV.UK Design System team regularly hosts events, workshops, and co-design sprints. Our team is always on the lookout for ways to engage users in different teams and departments to help strengthen the work we do, and to help to build better products.

Need help?

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