Community How you can contribute

The GOV.UK Design System is currently in beta. The Design System team will be developing these contribution guidelines based on user research over the coming months.

Discussing styles, components and patterns

You can discuss the existing styles, components and patterns in the Design System, or ones being developed, by commenting on issues in the community backlog. Alternatively, you can email

For example, you can:

  • ask questions about a style, component or pattern
  • answer questions from other contributors
  • share examples or demos of a component or pattern
  • share research relating to a style, component or pattern

Proposing new styles, components or patterns

If you have an idea for a new component or pattern you can propose it by raising an issue in the backlog or emailing the Design System team.

Developing components and patterns

If there’s something you’d be interested in working on, comment on its issue in the community backlog or email the Design System team.

Get in touch

If you’ve got a question, idea or suggestion share it in #govuk-design-system on cross-government Slack (open in app) or email the Design System team on